Saturday, May 30, 2009

G-5 Poof

G-5 Poof
8 Pieces
Connie-Jane 4,0,0,80

While on vacation in Cape Cod, I completed my first Jane A. Stickle applique block. I sewed the background for this block on May 18, and did the applique to finish the block on May 19. One of the reasons I chose to start the Jane A. Stickle quilt was to force myself to do more applique. Applique is not my favorite thing, and I figured that doing a block here and there I could find a way to make it easier.

I'm trying different things to figure out how to get a piece placed exactly where you want it and in the right shape. After a couple of false starts, I finally got it done. I'm still not sure how I'll do the next one. I debated on cutting out the background under the "poof", but ended up leaving it in.

My least favorite part of applique is the inside corners you have to cut, and then trying to sew where it frays. At this point there's a LOT of applique in Jane's quilt, and I'm thinking I'll piece as much of it as possible so as to not get discouraged and keep going...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

G-6 Papa's Star

G-6 Papa's Star
31 Pieces
Connie-Jane 3,0,0,72

I used freezer paper and paper-pieced by hand through the paper. It actually went a lot better than I had anticipated. I re-drafted the block in EQ5 to make all of the points equal in size then tilted it. I thought the star in the book was tilted a bit too far, and almost looked upside down to me, so I titled mine a bit less.