Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Possible Changes to Pattern

When I posted the picture of the original block next to my sewn block, I noticed that some of Jane's corner pieces don't look pieced.

I was hoping to get a close-up view when I visited the quilt this past weekend. However, this year the quilt was displayed in a different area, with less light, and you had to stand further back. So I really couldn't tell if there were seams or not, even in person.

Jane's Block
Photo of Jane's Block

I've stared at all the photos I have, and the poster, and the quilt, and it always looks like one of the corners is pieced (the bottom left corner) to make a complete circle, the way my pattern is. But a couple of the corners definitely look like they're not pieced. So I created a second pattern without pieced corners.

Pattern Changes
TATRWJ - Row 6, Block 6 - Changes Marked in Green

If I make this block again, I'm undecided as to which pattern I'll use.