Thursday, November 5, 2009

All 169 Center Blocks Done!

Well, I finally finished re-drafting all of the center blocks. Since I'm only so-so at applique, I've made a pieced version of EVERY block.

I made a second version using applique for 15 blocks, and I could do about 15 more with applique just to have a more complete block library, but it's good enough for now.

I have to say that this really gave me a much better appreciation for the variety of blocks, and got me much more familiar with them all.


karenfae said...

Just my curiosity - why did you re-draft instead of using the patterns available? What you have done looks really great.

Connie said...

The patterns in the book and software are all 4 1/2" blocks. The blocks in the original quilt are actually 5" blocks (Brenda verified this for me), that are sewn directly to each other without any sashing between them.

According to Brenda, the actual quilt blocks vary in size from 3" to 5", with strips added on 4 sides of the smaller ones to bring them up to 5".

I re-drafted the blocks to try to restore them to their original sizes, because I really like the way the it looks in the original quilt.

Anna said...

Wow...maybe ..i mean..MAYBE..I will make another DJ using your draft patterns to its actual size. You did such a great devoted job! I'm impressed! Also, Connie, I really like how you are doing..quilting as you go. That's such a clever idea! Will you be at Shipshewana, IN in a couple weeks? I'd like you to show me how you did that!

Blessings ~ anna banana in indiana

Connie said...

Hi Anna,
I won't be able to go to Indiana. It sure sounds like it would be fun, though.

I going to have to figure out a different "quilt as you go" method without the sashing now.

But to do the ones with sashing, I added the top strip and bottom strip on one edge of a block at the same time. (Just one seam that goes through the top sash strip, the quilted block, and the bottom sash strip.)

Then I sewed the other side of the top sash strip to the second block. Now the top of side of both blocks are connected by the top sash strip, but the batting and backing aren't connected at all.

Next I stitched the batting edges together with big stitches, just to keep it connected solidly. The batting edges just butt up against each other with no overlapping.

Then I turned under the edge of the bottom sash strip and hand sewed it to the second block.

I hope that's clear enough. Just let me know if you have any questions, or want me to email you my Dear Jane files.

Anna said...

Thank you Connie...I'm going to have to play with it on my scrap fabrics and try to follow your instructions and see if I can do this. Thanks so much for you time~ Blessings.