Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TATRWJ - Row 6, Block 6

My seventh "Trip Around the Rainbow With Jane" block.
TATRWJ - Row 6, Block 6
Completed on Sept. 16, 2010 (25pcs)
TATRWJ - 7 Blocks, 0 Triangles, 0 Corners, 123 Pieces

Jane's Block
In War Time - Row 6, Block 6
Photo of Jane's Block - With Blue Lines Added to Outline the Block

This block was put together like a nine patch, and then the pieced together circles were appliqued onto the background.

I cut the circles out of my freezer paper pattern. Then I pressed the background freezer paper section to the background, and the freezer paper circles inside the fabric circles. I find this makes it easier to place the circles where they belong because you can feel the edges of the paper through the fabric.

I like to sew a basting stitch around the circle in the seam allowance, and then pull it tight to bring the seam allowance inside. Then I press it, and then I baste it down from the top, going through the right side of the circle, and the freezer paper and the seam allowance. It's more work, but it helps me to get rounder circles.

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