Monday, April 13, 2009

G-7 Indianapolis

G-7 Indianapolis
25 Pieces
Connie-Jane 1,0,0,25

I chose to go with the variation of this block that had the narrower strips, and then I added the 4 corners back to look more like the block in the quilt.

I completed my 1st block on April 8, 2009. I wonder how many years till the last one is done....

It seemed like an interesting idea to start in the center with G-7 and work my may out. I'm still not sure if I want to do the random blocks on ThatQuilt or the Janiac's Block of the Week and Triangle of the Week or work in sections. I'm guessing my decision will change as I go along, for now I'm starting in the middle.

I've never used freezer paper before and I'm planning to do all hand piecing. This project is about the learning experience of trying new techniques and working with applique that I've only done a bit of before.

I used regular paper to paper-piece the center, then tried the freezer paper, tried sewing beside the folded paper (my seams weren't where they belong, tried sewing through the paper (that's a bit better). So many decisions, whether to cut the paper on the sewing lines or cutting lines, when to take the paper off and mark the pieces around the paper, or leave the paper on, leave it on but take it off for curves? Anyway, it was quite an adventure for the 1st block. Next time I'll make sure any pencil lines are much lighter so they won't show through.

Note: The numbers below the picture of the blocks stand for my progress so far. You take your name, and since you're making a Jane A Stickle quilt, you add "-Jane" to the end of your name. The 1st number is how many of the 169 center blocks I've completed. The 2nd number is how many of the 52 triangle blocks I've completed. The 3rd number is how many of the 4 corner blocks I've completed. And the 4th number is the total number of pieces in the sewn quilt blocks. (I won't be counting the sashes between the blocks until I'm done, just the block pieces.)

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