Monday, April 13, 2009

G-8 Justin's Comet

G-8 Justin's Comet
16 Pieces
Connie-Jane 2,0,0,41

I ran across some intresting math for the Lemoyne Star at I used this info to double check the cutting directions from the DJ software and decided to print the block onto freezer paper and then cut it out and iron pieces onto fabric to make sure to get the correct size patterns.


Melanie said...

Hi Connie!

Your 2 blocks look great! And I love the PLAN! Once you really get started with this quilt, it becomes completely addictive. Warning, it will creep into your dreams even! I started mine almost 1.5 years ago and have just completed my 100th block and 21st tri. I'm on the 3 year plan.!

Much luck with yours~!


Mary Ann said...

Welcome to your Jane Adventure!!
You're going to love it!!
Your blocks are sure beautiful, too!
Way to go and remember, the journey is half of the fun!!
All the best!
Mary Ann in Denmark