Thursday, February 4, 2010

TATRWJ - Row 5, Block 8

My second "Trip Around the Rainbow With Jane" block.
TATRWJ - Row 5, Block 8
Completed on Jan. 25, 2010 (21pcs)
TATRWJ - 2 Blocks, 0 Triangles, 0 Corners, 34 Pieces

I used the same method that I used in the 1st block to piece this one. I appliqued the melons to the center piece.

Then I paper-pieced the ring.

Next I basted the inner "circle" inside the seam allowance and tightened the thread a bit to pull the seam allowances under the edge of the freezer paper.

Then I pressed it well, and appliqued it to the ring. Then I sewed on the outer pieces.

I'm hoping my applique skills improve as I practice more, but it's definitely a "keeper".


Anonymous said...

Definitely a keeper. I have to sew at least a block this weekend... Thanks for sharing

Connie said...

I'm happy to share. I love seeing other people's blocks. It inspires me to keep going.