Monday, February 8, 2010

TATRWJ - Row 5, Block 8, Old & New

I wanted to see the difference between these two blocks, one done in my new pattern drafted from Jane's quilt, and a 4 1/2" block made from the software. I added a "simulated" sash strip to the 4 1/2" block to show 1/2 of a sash strip around all sides. (With the sash strips, the 13 blocks in each row plus the sash equals 65" across, which averages out to 5 inches per block.)

This brings both blocks to 5" square, since Jane's quilt is made entirely with 5" blocks, and DOES NOT have sash strips. Jane did add borders to many of her smaller blocks to bring them up to a 5" size, but many others are a full 5" in size.

Jane's Block
In War Time - Row 5, Block 8
Photo of Jane's Block - With Blue Lines Added to Outline the Block

My two blocks side by side.
                Re-Drafted 5" block         and         4 1/2" sashed block

Jane's block has a higher ratio of the focus fabric (red) around the outside of the design, and more background fabric around the block.

Lots of Jane's blocks look smaller, and when you put them next to the ones that use the full 5" for the block, the differences are more noticeable. It really gives a more random, and less structured look to the quilt. I think this is what really attracts me to Jane's quilt. The various sizes of the designs in the blocks is part of its beauty to me.

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