Monday, February 8, 2010

TATRWJ - Fabrics Chosen for 25 Center Blocks

I've chosen fabrics for the center 25 blocks. That's where I'm starting my quilt, right in the MIDDLE. The first block I made is Row 5, Block 5. (My numbering matches the way the quilt was displayed at the Bennington Museum, in which the basket block is facing up, and not sideways.)

Center 25 Blocks with Fabrics (in EQ5)

Actually, these are the same fabrics I chose when I started on this project last year before the re-drafting of the patterns. But I still like the color scheme, so I've decided to keep these fabrics for this section.

I'm considering doing a quilt-as-you-go again. But instead of doing it block by block, since there's no sashing, I think I'll do it in a dozen or so sections. I still haven't settled on the exact method yet. But these 25 will definitely be one of the sections.

I just can't picture quilting a quilt this big on my lap in one piece!

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