Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TATRWJ - Row 5, Block 7

My fourth "Trip Around the Rainbow With Jane" block.
TATRWJ - Row 5, Block 7
Completed on Feb. 8, 2010 (12pcs)
TATRWJ - 4 Blocks, 0 Triangles, 0 Corners, 68 Pieces

Jane's Block
In War Time - Row 5, Block 7
Photo of Jane's Block - With Blue Lines Added to Outline the Block

I paper-pieced the fabric pieces that are around the center applique, and then joined it. I printed out a freezer paper pattern, and cut out the center applique. I centered and pressed the outside section to the back of the main piece, and the pressed the freezer paper center to the back of my applique fabric.

After basting down the edges of the center applique and pressing, I added the applique on top of the pieced section. I can feel the edges of the applique's freezer paper, and the pieced section's freezer paper as I sew, so it makes it easier to keep the applique from shifting out of position.

Then I added the four background strips, and pressed the block. Then I removed the freezer paper, and gave it a final press with a dry iron.

My applique skills are beginner at best and I had a hard time in the inner points. Hopefully the next one will be better!

TATRWJ - Row 5, Block 7, Old & New

My two blocks side by side.
                Re-Drafted 5" block         and         4 1/2" sashed block

In my new block the center applique motif is much less round, and the strips are wider than my 4 1/2" block. When I made the new block I forgot to use the mostly ORANGE sections of the fabric when I cut out the fabric for this block, so this one is more red than I had planned, even though it's the SAME fabric.

I like the look WITHOUT the pieced section under the applique better, I left it in on the 4 1/2" block and don't care for it as much. From now on, I think I'll cut away any pieced sections under an applique.


Minka's Studio said...

On the orange one, you could still cut away the "X" from under the clover. BTW, I love the way you are documenting this. It is VERY interesting and reminds me that I need to get over to the Bennington Museum while Jane's quilt is on display!

Connie said...

I wish I could. That picture was taken before I quilted it. It's just going to have to go into the wall-hanging as is. I can't bring myself to "un-quilt" it.

I'm planning to go to the museum also. The quilt is only on display until mid-October. Got to get there soon!